Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 10/31/2012

The Power of One to Change the World…Vote!!!

30 octubre 2012-martes  

Dearest readers, one week from today will be a deciding moment!!…not only for Americans, but the entire world as we elect the next president of the most powerful country.

Learning how to make healthy tamalitos

Democracy is something I feel very passionate about. So I wish to encourage everyone to vote next week…. As I go about my daily activities in this beautiful mountainous country surrounded by a rainbow of women wearing colorful textiles, I am reminded constantly by how blessed we are in the USA. On highways and rural streets in Guatemala I see children as young as six, along with their mothers, fathers, and grandparents struggling under heavy loads of firewood on their backs…most of the women in my groups do not know how to read or even sign their name….children are tiny due to generations of malnutrition..and everyone, YES, everyone dreams of getting to the promised land of America, often begging me to take them with me. Guatemalans do love their country, but it is a very tough life here for so many people.

As we wrap up this election cycle, I want everyone to reassess what it means to be a voting citizen of the USA. We do not elect leaders just for domestic policy, but we elect a leadership that will affect the WORLD. My Guatemalan friends have enough to think about, so they are not closely following the American election, yet I know that the outcome on November 6th will not only greatly affect my life in the future but their lives as well …in addition to all of the world’s other citizens.

Finishing touches on the Chotzague School Garden

PLEASE honor my friendship with you and my service abroad by registering and VOTING in this election. Do not sit on the sidelines because there is so much at stake…just consider that the next president will help determine the selection of Supreme Court justices and the resulting decisions that will affect our lives for 20-30 years!

I have already voted by email…thank you King County elections for that right! Now it is YOUR turn!! Make me proud to be an American with friends and family who truly participate in our democratic process!! This is the time to practice what we preach to other countries…by exercising our constitutional right to vote.

Let America show the world how we citizens vote to peacefully express our views …and we will thus shine as a beacon of hope for others!  And I promise that my next blog posting will be light-hearted!

Flying high…my little friend and her kite

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