Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 02/10/2011

Inspiration from other volunteers

Although I do not agree with this decision by Peace Corps D.C. to cancel the Municipal Development program, it does not limit what I can do during my time here…in fact, it probably lights a greater fire in me to make a difference….

Just recently I learned of an NGO called Soluciones Comunitarias founded by 2 Peace Corps volunteers in Guatemala. Very impressive and inspiring! I will be talking with them next Wed. in their Antigua office…check out this article about them.




  1. Janet,

    Great to hear regularly how you’re doing. Your posts are the best!

    Your above post & linked article about Soluciones Comunitarias was quite interesting. I look forward to hearing about your meeting with them. But before you go you may want to checkout a group here in Seattle that also is doing some low cost high efficiency stoves in Costa Rica with a grant from a, foundation. Their stoves are super low tech, made from metal, highly energy efficient, portable & less expensive than the ones Soluciones Comunitaries is doing & may compliment their stove nicely.

    This stove is produced by a group called Seattle Biochar. Their website is:

    If you’re on Facebook, they have much better information there, then their website at:!/album.php?aid=248514&id=49468646887.

    They work out of a foundry in Ballard and one of their partners there is someone I know. Take care.


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