Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 12/21/2010

Spicy salsa night!

Que felicidad! What happiness! A 2hr bus ride to Xela last Friday brought me to the doorstep of fellow volunteers and dance lovers.

After a hurried dinner of delicious homemade spinach and sausage pizza, cleverly baked in a toaster oven (we Guatemalan Peace Corps volunteers have to be creative with baking methods), Yuna and I took a taxi into the big city of Xela. Meeting up with Judy, another volunteer, we headed to La Rhumba, the hotspot for salsa dancing. We 3 gals practiced some moves together, then accepted dance offers and spun about until 12:30am. I held my own, but I definitely need some reinforcement of the more complicated moves. Thankfully young guys asked me to dance so I did not sit on the sideline…when the Latin tunes ended, I joined in on the reggaeton. (I probably can dance it better than spell it.)

Salsa dancing queens: Yuna and me

I had to laugh when the friend of a partner shot photos of us dancing…were we really that good or maybe they just wanted to document the evening?Anyway, I danced until both feet and hips called for a break. Merengue definitely works the hips. Another taxi ride home and we collapsed into bed at 1:30am. What a night! Such a treat before Xmas…I can’t wait until the next time!


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