Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 11/20/2010

Another bump in the road, ouch!

19 noviembre 2010-viernes

A bit of a rough stretch these past few days…trying to figure out my host family’s expectations. I’ve been trying to make my presence fairly easy for them…I do my own laundry (takes awhile since it’s all by hand), my own cooking, and washing my dishes. Since they are retired, money is a concern, however, we’re now under discussion regarding how much more rent they want. I really don’t mind paying a bit more although doubling my rent for next month seems unreasonable…at least I have my program coordinators stopping by next Monday so we can all have a friendly chat.

No, the problem has not really been the money issue but my doubts whether they want me living here. I just wanted a host family that would welcome and include me…but right now our relationship feels strained. So hopefully we can put our relationship on better footing soon….all of this has amplified the emotional turmoil of this next week, being away for the first time from my two kids for Thanksgiving! Keeps bringing tears to my eyes as I contemplate that, and a welcoming family would have helped ease that pain. Anyway, I do plan on getting together with some other volunteers to enjoy Turkey Day together.

Yesterday Claire, one of my volunteer friends here in town with me, introduced me to a very friendly woman here in town who has befriended other volunteers. She very nicely invited me to come over to her house anytime if I want to bake…so I think I will take her up on that offer. I told her that I have a very popular carrot cake recipe. I think I’m now up to about 10 requests from other volunteers and Guatemalans!

On the more positive side, I checked out 2 houses today for my future living arrangement…one a bit too large and probably out of my price range. The caretaker has to consult with his brother in the U.S. regarding the desired rent. (Not such a good sign that he couldn’t tell me on the spot.)The other house was just right (kind of like the Goldilocks story)…4 small bedrooms, so I could have an office, bedroom and guest rooms, a little patio where I could have a tire garden for growing veggies, and most importantly, enough room in the kitchen for my eventual stove and oven! Sure hope that my coordinators like this house and that perhaps the landlady will hold it for me until I can move in.

So yes, there are thunderstorms and tears at times, but I keep trying to find the sunshine and rainbows. I am just too sweet for my own good because I just got 10 new flea bites while writing this! (I don’t even want to know how that flea managed to get to different parts of me that fast) More laundry tomorrow…oh well, such is my Friday night in Guatemala. Chatting with fellow volunteers and keeping in touch with all of you.




  1. Hi Janet,

    Very interesting post, and I’m with you all the way. Move into your own space as soon as you can, and that way you won’t be beholden to others who may have ulterior motives.

    I’ll e mail you privately so we can coordinate in respect to chat room conversation.

    How’s the work going?

    Got your back!


  2. Miss you Janet! I hope you get the little Goldilocks house; it sounds perfect. & you are trading up in the number of bedrooms 🙂

    all’s well here on Wallingford. Happy Thanksgiving Liz

  3. Janet, I am loving your positive attitude on these things. You are really impressing me as an impressive, ok, awesome lady. I wish more people could adopt a daily positive attitude, regardless of what happens.

    And Friday night: We miss you dancing. Your perpetual smile is a delight. But soon, we’ll get to enjoy you.

    And your housing: Are you looking at housing to replace the one that you were assigned, where you don’t feel welcome? Does this mean, you won’t be in a family situation? I hope you’ll be in a family home.

    I’ll think of you at my Thanksgiving dinner. So you’ll be there, kind of.


  4. I understand people who believe because you are american you are necessarily wealthy. In many countries bartering is an art and negotiatng is a respected method of conducting business. Our concepts of trade sometimes give us the false illusion another is unfair or greedy. I begin by expecting the other party is asking twice the amount they’re willing to take. I offer about 3/4 what I’m willing to give and we move forward from there. I hope your experience is pleasant.

  5. I love your posts Janet and I hope your host family has begun to see how lucky they are to have such a warm and friendly tenant.

    Happy Thanksgiving from me and your buddies at UUC!

  6. Hi Yah Cuz! Y’all having a small melt down? Stop yor bellyaching and go git that thar godilock house! 😉

    Alright, that’s about all the Kentucky talk that I can muster. I’m sad to hear that your having difficulties, but the Jan I know will pull through this. Remember “This too shall pass”.

    Do they have turkeys in Guatemala? It probably tastes like chicken. 😉 I emailed Linda your blog site so hopefully you’ll hear from her soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs and kisses.

    Love, Eddie

  7. Trata de mudate sola lo antes posible. Pareciera que esa familia no ha tenido experiencia anterior con delegados de peace corp. Paciencia mi amiga, y aguante.
    Un abrazo grande y Happy Turkey day. Love always. Adry

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