Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 09/08/2010

Raining cats and dogs!

7 septiembre 2010-martes- Although there are quite a few street dogs…they are not falling from the sky, however, this country is greatly suffering the impacts of incessant rain. There remain 2months of the rainy period of invierno (winter) and apparently meteorologists are saying that the worst is yet to come! Already 3x normal rainfall, which has caused damages to roads, bridges, and homes. Sadly a bus was hit by a landslide last Saturday, with more than 12 dead. Climate change is a likely factor in what is occurring. The sun peeks out briefly, but retreats before the soil has dried out.

As for me, Peace Corps is being very careful about our safety…some events that required travel have been cancelled. Thankfully we did get to enjoy our free day last Sunday. Most of our training group descended upon historic Antigua with its pastel-colored buildings and open-air market.

Ruines y tejidos (textiles) in Antigua

Offering up “gracias” to Mother Nature, about a dozen of us enjoyed a rare sunny morning to climb up to the scenic overlook of Cerro de la Cruz.  Volcan de Agua showed us her shoulders but kept her head hidden from view…her head literally in the clouds. Back down in the city, I decided that rubber boots would be a good investment for the next heavy rain…as always, I bargained for a good price. There’s a true art to these negotiations.

Peace Corps trainees enjoying a view of Antigua

Quick update on my panqueques…well, they did not turn out as desired! I fault the Macadamia flour for the slightly bitter after taste. Even some sugar didn’t quite resuscitate them. Given their overly browned and wrinkled appearance, I joked that my panqueques resembled old people with tan, wrinkled faces! So we all got a good chuckle and I recommended masking the taste of my “panqueque viejitos” (old people pancakes) with some syrup and peanut butter. That’s the last time I use Macadamia nut flour!


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