Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 09/05/2010

Panqueques tonight for dinner!

4 septiembre 2010-sabado A very busy day for my host family…lots of errands. Sound familiar as to how you spend your weekend? So I have offered to make panqueques (pancakes) for dinner since everyone will be home late (7-8pm). These are going to be VERY special pancakes because the secret ingredient is Macadamia nut flour, and I´ll throw in a few bananas for good measure.  My host dad joked that I would need to get up at 5am to make breakfast since that was his departure time….I said, ¨Me quedo en mi cama, pero hay CornFlakes si quiere¨. (I´m staying in bed, but there´s Corn Flakes if you want.) He laughed heartily, ¨Ah, Yanet!¨ So a compromise is making the panqueques for dinner!

The flour comes from a field trip to a finca de macadamia (Nut farm) a short bus ride away with our Spanish teacher, Eduardo. The farm owner, a grizzled Gringo who has lived here for 30yrs, is quite the character with very ¨colorful¨ words and stories. We got to sample the nuts on the inside and out…tasting chocolate candies with macadamia nuts and rejuvenating our skin with macadamia nut cream. I even got a facial with the skin cream…a bit hard to relax with a roomful of Guatemalan farmers looking at me. Their visit was to learn how to begin their own macadamia tree farm…fascinating to hear their questions. The dueno (owner) sells 2ft tall trees for 26cents each, so a great deal, and apparently this tree is pretty adaptable to various climates, so it grows well here.

A quick note on past cooking…Last week I treated my host family to French toast, which they love and have made again…I need to explain that after I heard that there previous volunteer had made them pancakes, I felt a need to prove myself, therefore, the French toast. Tonight my pancakes will be made from scratch…not a box!



  1. Janet, you are a great representative for the US
    sounds like you are enjoying your work.
    all’s well on the homefront, the girls are very nice & quiet
    thanks so much for taking the time to keep us posted!!!


  2. Me parece que te olvidaste de ponerle royal para que se inflen. Puede ser la harina que es mas pesada que la harina de trigo. carinos.

  3. Puse bicarbonata de soda pero no importa…los panqueques no fueron un exito. No importa…ahora es el chiste de la familia…mis panqueques viejitos!

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