Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 08/27/2010

In her shoes..

Today seven of us munis (municipal development) went to Tecpan to hear the words of wisdom of a volunteer working with the OMM- Oficina Municipal de Mujeres (Municipal Women´s Office). Her work has varied from providing support to families living in a shelter following Tropical Storm Agatha to teaching English to soap-making workshops. I think we felt inspired, humbled, and a little worried for when we will be on our own (coming soon-Nov. 1st!)…truthfully, we won´t be on our own because we will have a Guatemalan counterpart working with us.

We felt quite like dignitaries getting our photo taken with the mayor in Tecpan. Fascinating to meet some of the municipal staff. I heard that Guatemala harnesses both hydroelectric and geothermal power for electricity…would love to research this more. After lunch we headed to a bakery that sells fantastic cinnamon rolls (rollitos de canela). Yum! It was eye-opening to visit the homes of two volunteers today, both still keeping close proximity and contact with their host families…some real advantages to communal living.


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