Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 08/11/2010

Onward to Guatemala

Me and my stuff for 2yrs

As I flew out of SeaTac yesterday, the fog swirled and hid Seattle’s skyline from view. Oh well, I mused, the City is playing coy and doesn’t want to reveal herself one last time to me. Soon we were flying over the craggy peaks of the Cascades, and I wondered how the volcanic peaks of Guatemala might compare with them..the next mountains I would view from above.

Today we began our training (called staging) in D.C. There are 32 people in my training group, a few more women than men, and we fairly evenly divide into two service specialties of Agriculture/Food Security and Municipal Development. Sharing anxieties and aspirations, we found many common threads…all of us have made it through the application process, so it was heartening to “hold hands” as we cross this finish line together and enter a new challenge tomorrow. I am officially a PCT or Peace Corps trainee along with the others. Interestingly, 3 of us are from Seattle and a 4th from Wenatchee, so the Pacific Northwest is well represented!

In just 3 hours we check out of the hotel, heading to Miami and then onto Guatemala City. It will be a whirlwind few days as we meet in country staff, host families, assess our Spanish level and begin studies, with medical review and shots (fun!)

Wish me Buena Suerte as I enter my new life!!



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