Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 07/29/2010

My life in boxes…

Well, the four pods/vaults have arrived and soon all of the physical representation of my life will be stored within them. Interesting how our belongings define us…it has been a kind of archaelogical dig of my personal history these past few weeks.

Some of the treasures I unearthed included: a.) class evaluations from teaching childbirth classes for Group Health (by and large, very positive, which was heartwarming) and b.) job application letters after getting my master’s of social work from Boston College…a bit less heartwarming since that was a prolonged jobhunt during the last major recession. Interesting that I have as many boxes of photos as books…oh, the days before digital photography. Obviously, I will be keeping those. So despite the stress of packing and moving, it has been a chance to review what I’ve done with my life up until now.

It is always nice to ride out of town on a wave of success, so I am very pleased that today I passed my certification test as a Sustainable Building Advisor! Two weeks from today I will fly from D.C. to Guatemala, taking my interest and knowledge of sustainability with me…it will be very interesting to see what is happening on that issue in their country. I will be joining a group of about 30 people, all of us wanting to offer our skills and knowledge to our new adopted home. I will learn where I am assigned about 6wks after my arrival, and most likely will be studying a Mayan language along with Spanish.

Boxes R Us


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