Posted by: janetwright2guatemala | 07/17/2010

The cat relocates first! Then comes my turn…

My wonderful friend Carole is adopting my Siamese cat for two years while I serve in the Peace Corps…tomorrow we trek across the mountains (thankfully in my Prius and NOT on foot) to Mini’s new home. Perhaps my vocal Siamese will sleep part of the journey and not feel compelled to serenade me for the full two hours. One can only hope!


  1. I know Minnie will miss you but she’s in good hands with Keith and Carole. They will spoil her!

  2. I’m happy you found a “foster” family to care for her. It’s nice to know she will be waiting for you when you return!

  3. Janet,

    I’m enjoying your well-written accounts of your new life.

    I’m still dancing up a storm here, but I’ve already missed your sweet, dancing spirit.

    It was eighty today, so I took the day off knowing it would be cooler tomorrow. Hey, tomorrow is good enough for moi!

    Be well Dear.


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